IP routing - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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IP routing allows you to define the routing rules for outgoing IP packets based on the destination IP address. IP routing rules are primarily needed when DMU801 has to connect to multiple networks through more than one network interface. You can specify which network interface DMU801 uses to communicate to a certain network or device.

Set the IP routing rules for the DMU801 network interfaces in the Web UI. A network interface can have any number of IP routing rules, or none at all.

Add new IP routes in the settings of each network interface:

  • eth0 for Ethernet interface in DMU801
  • eth1 for Ethernet interface in DME801 Ethernet Switch Module
  • Modem1 for modem in DMX801 Modem Carrier Module
Changing the IP routes remotely may cause you to lose access to DMU801 over the used network.

To view the routing table, select Settings > Network > IP routes. The routing table is a summary of all configured rules, including the default ones.