Safety - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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This product has been type-tested for safety and approved as shipped from the factory.

Note the following warning labels on the product:

WARNING! Electricity hazard
WARNING! Do not replace the battery with a battery of an incorrect type. If you do, there is a risk of explosion.
WARNING! Use Cu cable with operating temperature over +70 °C.
WARNING! The system is powered from several power sources to ensure uninterrupted service. To make the system non-energized, disconnect all power sources.

Note the following precautions:

WARNING Consult local electricity professionals for the local and state legislation and regulations about grounding.
WARNING Ground the product and verify outdoor installation grounding periodically. Failure to provide proper grounding can result in injury or death from electrical shock and can severely damage the equipment.
WARNING Lightning protection is required to prevent injury and damage to equipment due to direct lightning strikes and lightning-induced current surges.
WARNING Ground remote units properly. A lightning strike through a communication wire can cause a lethal current surge.
WARNING A long cable between units (sensors, transmitters, power supplies, and displays) can cause a lethal lightning-induced current surge. Always ground the enclosure to a suitable grounded location with a short, low-resistance cable.
WARNING Do not service the system alone. Do not reach into parts and assemblies that are AC (mains) powered and live except in the presence of someone who can provide first aid.
WARNING Do not perform installation or maintenance procedures when there is a risk of thunderstorm or lightning activity in the area.
WARNING Assess the risks from the installation work. Consider also the effects of local weather conditions.
WARNING Installations must be performed only by people with experience in installing or working with weather stations.
WARNING Only licensed experts may install electrical components. They must adhere to local and state legislation and regulations.
WARNING After disconnecting the power cable, dangerous voltages can exist for some time. To avoid injury, disconnect the power and discharge circuits before touching them.
WARNING Do not throw the battery into a hot oven or fire, or mechanically crush or cut the battery. Improper disposal can cause an explosion.
WARNING Do not leave the battery in an environment surrounded by extremely high temperatures. Extremely high temperature can result in deflagration or leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
WARNING Make sure that the battery is not subjected to an extremely low air pressure. Extremely low air pressure can result in deflagration or leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
WARNING Photovoltaic modules generate direct current (DC) when exposed to sunlight or other sources of light. Although single modules produce low voltage and current, contact with module output wiring can cause shocks and burns.
WARNING Make sure that you prepare or connect only de-energized wires.
WARNING Do not replace components when the system is powered up. Disconnect all power sources before performing maintenance procedures.
WARNING Some instruments and sensors or versions are heated. To avoid injury, do not touch heated parts when heating is on.
WARNING Do not operate in an explosive atmosphere, for example, when flammable gases or fumes are present. Operation of electrical equipment in such an environment constitutes a safety hazard.
WARNING If ice or snow accumulates on the mast, guy wires, or sensors, the ice or snow can fall and cause injury to persons below.
WARNING Do not substitute parts or modify the system, or install unsuitable parts in the system. Improper modification can damage the product or lead to malfunction.
WARNING Failure to comply with these precautions or with specific warnings elsewhere in these instructions violates safety standards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the product. Vaisala assumes no liability for the customer's failure to comply with these requirements.
WARNING If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by Vaisala, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
CAUTION Do not damage or change the wiring. Incorrect wiring can cause damage and prevent or limit operation.
WARNING Follow local and state legislation and regulations on occupational safety.
Wear protective eyewear, gloves, safety helmet, and safety shoes during installation and maintenance work.