Replacing DMU801 - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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Flat head screwdriver
  1. Take a backup of the station configuration by downloading the configuration file through the DMU801 Configuration Tool.

    For instructions on the configuration tool, see DMU801 Configuration Tool User Guide (M212407EN).

  2. Power off the station.
  3. Remove all cabling from DMU801.

    To have more slack in the wiring, you may need to cut the cable ties holding the wires.

    CAUTION To avoid damaging the wiring, be careful when cutting the cable ties.
  4. To remove DMU801 from the DIN rail, slide down the locking piece with a flat head screwdriver, and lift DMU801.
    Locking piece on the back of DMU801
  5. Remove the plug‑in modules from DMU801 by pulling from the module edges.
    CAUTION When removing or inserting the modules, be careful not to bend the connector pins.
  6. Insert the plug‑in modules in the new DMU801, in the same slots.
    Use either the same plug‑in modules you removed or, if you are replacing plug‑in modules at the same time, insert the new plug‑in modules in the new DMU801.

    It is also possible that the new DMU801 spare part has spare plug‑in modules already in place.

  7. Insert the new DMU801 on the DIN rail and snap it into place.
  8. Connect the cables to the new DMU801.
  9. Use new cable ties to reattach the cables to the backplate.
  10. Power up the station.
  11. Upload the station configuration backup file to the new DMU801 through the configuration tool or Web UI.
  12. To verify that the plug‑in modules are functional, check that data reports show data from each sensor.