Configuring data transfer to NM10 - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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AWS810 can be used as a weather observation data source for data management and visualization software such as Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10. The observation data is packaged into data messages in the DMU801 data management unit and sent to the configured network interfaces.

This manual does not instruct how to install and operate NM10, apart from how to configure data transfer between NM10 and AWS810. For detailed instructions on installing and using NM10, see NM10 documentation.
  1. Configure AWS810 to send data messages to the selected communication interfaces.
  2. Configure NM10 to receive the data messages from AWS810. For instructions, see NM10 Configuration and Maintenance Manual (M212019EN).
After the configuration, AWS810 transfers data messages over the defined connection to a configurable network port on the NM10 computer.