Configuring quality control parameters - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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The quality control (QC) parameters determine the limits for certain observations. The quality control limits are optional. If a limit is missing for a measurement, the corresponding check is omitted.

Do not change the values unless you know what you are doing.
  1. In the Web UI, go to Settings > Station parameters.
  2. In the qc parameter group, edit the values that you want.

    The parameters are as follows:

    • lo: Lower limit for the measurement
    • hi: Upper limit for the measurement
    • over: The allowed overshoot as percentage of the full measurement range (hilo). If the measurement value exceeds the lower or upper limit but stays within the overshoot value, the measurement is still considered valid but its value is set to the respective limit value.
    • step: Maximum step between 2 successive measurements
  3. To save the changes and take them into use, select Save and restart script.