Replacing BMU801 - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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Flat head screwdrivers
  1. Power off the station or system.
  2. Remove all cabling from BMU801.

    To have more slack in the wiring, you may need to cut the cable ties holding the wires.

    CAUTION To avoid damaging the wiring, be careful when cutting the cable ties.
  3. Remove the NTC resistor from the battery and BMU801.
  4. To remove BMU801 from the DIN rail, release the locking piece with a flat head screwdriver, and lift BMU801.
  5. In the new BMU801, set the battery capacity using the rotary switch on top of BMU801. With a maximum of 2.5‑mm flat head screwdriver, turn the switch to point at the same number as in the removed BMU801.
    CAUTION Make sure that you select the same capacity as the battery in your system has. Incorrect selection can cause damage to the battery and prevent or limit operation.
  6. Insert the new BMU801 on the DIN rail and snap it onto place.
  7. Connect the cables to the new BMU801.
  8. Attach the new NTC resistor to the battery and BMU801.
  9. Use new cable ties to reattach the cables to the backplate.
  10. Power up the station or system.
  11. Wait for a while, and check from the BMU801 device status LED that the new BMU801 works properly.

    The device status LED should be blinking green.