Configuring firewall rules - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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DMU801 has a dynamic firewall that protects DMU801 by allowing incoming traffic only to specified ports, optionally from selected remote IP addresses. There are default firewall rules that define the allowed ports for incoming connections. You can edit the default rules and also configure the ports and source IP addresses by setting your own rules.

You can:

  • Open or close ports in the firewall for services running in the system
  • Restrict network interfaces through which the services can be accessed
  • Restrict IP subnets/hosts through which the services can be accessed
To access DMU801 Web UI, you must have HTTPS enabled in the default rules.
Traffic through HTTP is redirected to the HTTPS port.
  1. In the Web UI, go to Settings > Network > Firewall.

    Default rules show the default set of rules configured for the device.

  2. To add your own firewall rule under User-defined rules, select Add rule and set the following:
    Enable or disable the rule.
    Give a name for the rule.
    Select the protocol.
    Type the DMU801 ports to which access is allowed when this rule is enabled.
    Select the network interfaces through which traffic is allowed when this rule is enabled.
    Source IP addresses

    Type the IP addresses from which connection to DMU801 is allowed when this rule is enabled.

    If left empty, any source IP address is allowed.

  3. To save the changes, select Save.

For default rules, you can edit all other parameters than Name, Protocol, and Ports.

If you have edited a default rule and want to revert to the original default values, select Reset and Save.