Checking battery - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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To ensure safe operation of the whole system, check the battery status at least once a year and whenever you suspect that the battery may be faulty. Old or faulty batteries pose a safety hazard to the operator.

Wear protective eyewear and gloves.
  1. Check the battery condition.

    If the battery is hot, swollen, or leaking, disconnect power from the station or system immediately, disconnect the battery cables, and replace the battery.

    WARNING Do not touch a hot, swollen battery or the sulfuric acid leaking from the battery without protective gloves and clothing. Sulfuric acid may cause burn upon skin contact and blindness upon eye contact.
  2. Check the battery status from BMU801 LEDs.
    Table 1. BMU801 LED modes under normal operation
    State LED Color/Behavior Description Actions
    Battery is fully charged. Battery status LED

    Green, steady.

    DC power is available. SoC = 100 %. Charging is stopped or in float mode.
    Device status LED

    Green, blinking.

    Battery is charging (either from DC or solar input). 1 Battery status LED

    Green, all 3 LED indicators are blinking.

    Battery is low. SoC < 40 %.

    Green, 2/3 of LED indicators are blinking.

    SoC = 40–70 %

    Green, 1/3 of LED indicators is blinking.

    SoC = 70–100 %
    Device status LED

    Green, blinking.

    Battery is functional but discharging. Battery status LED


    Battery status is OK but there is no DC power available and the system is running on batteries. Battery LEDs are powered off to save power.
    Device status LED

    Green, blinking.

    Battery fault, DC power is unavailable. Battery status LED


    System has detected a serious battery failure in one of the batteries.
    1. To see which one of the batteries has failed, short press the Power/Test button. The battery LEDs of the faulty battery start blinking red.
    2. Replace the faulty battery.
    Device status LED

    Yellow, blinking.

    Safe input current limit is exceeded. Battery status LED Displays the last probed battery status. If the input current exceeds 9.5 A for 30 seconds, the output power is temporarily disabled for 2 minutes.
    Device status LED

    Yellow, steady.

    Battery is overheated. Battery status LED

    Red, steady. 2

    Battery temperature sensing resistor (NTC) has detected an excessive operating temperature.

    Battery charging is temporarily paused until the battery temperature is within the operational limits again.

    Device status LED

    Yellow, blinking.

    Rotary switch is in unsupported position. Battery status LED


    BMU801 is booted with the rotary switch in an unsupported position.

    Correct the rotary switch position. To confirm the switch position, reboot BMU801 or reset the battery.
    Device status LED

    Red, blinking.

    BMU801 malfunction. Battery status LED


    BMU801 is malfunctioning. This state may appear during boot or operation. Replace BMU801.
    Device status LED

    Red, steady.

If the battery is not powering the station or system, or if the battery is not charging, replace the battery.
1 If solar panel (Solar 1 or Solar 2) is connected, the battery status LEDs are blank and the device status LED is blinking green.
2 Displayed in both battery LEDs, even though only one of the batteries would be overheated.