Calibrating DMA801 and DMA802 - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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The Analog Measurement Modules DMA801 and DMA802 are calibrated at the factory. DMA801 and DMA802 have excellent long‑term stability, and typically no adjustments are needed. However, Vaisala recommends annual calibration to ensure measurement accuracy.

For basic validation, perform field calibration with a calibrated multimeter and a voltage and resistance simulator. If you suspect any change based on the field calibration, send DMA801/DMA802 to Vaisala for calibration. Replace it with a calibrated spare DMA801/DMA802, or wait until Vaisala sends DMA801/DMA802 back from calibration.

  1. Remove DMA801 or DMA802 from DMU801.
  2. Send DMA801 or DMA802 to Vaisala for calibration.
  3. Check the operation of the calibrated DMA801 or DMA802.
    1. Install the calibrated DMA801 or DMA802 into DMU801.
    2. Connect the sensors.
    3. Check that the sensor connections are working, and the data reports show data.