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AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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Station parameters are weather station‑specific parameters that identify the station and control many of the different station options.

The station parameters include, for example:
  • Site information, such as name and location
  • Sensor connection settings, such as port
  • Installation-specific parameters, such as surface type
  • Data reporting connection settings
  • Parameters for calculation algorithms

The station parameters are stored in DMU801.

Station parameters and their default values are defined in the weather station configuration file with DMU801 Configuration Tool. Once the configuration file is uploaded to DMU801, you can view the station parameters in the Web UI and edit the values for individual stations as needed.

In the weather station initial configuration phase, the following settings are configured in the station parameters:

  • Site information
  • Sensor settings (required only for some sensors)
  • Connection settings for data reporting

For instructions, see the relevant sections in this guide.

To enable sensors and other components in the configuration, you need to edit the station parameters. It is typically done at the factory, but if you want to add, for example, new sensors, you need to enable them in the station parameters.