Replacing backup battery - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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  • Allen keys
  • Crosshead screwdriver

These instructions apply to 12 V / 24 to 28 Ah batteries.

Replace lead‑acid batteries every 5 years. When operating in an environment where the ambient temperature is regularly over +25 °C (+77 °F), the battery may need to be replaced more often.

If a solar-powered station powers off during the night, it means that the battery is not working and must be replaced.

The backup battery does not have any replaceable parts.
WARNING Do not replace the battery with a battery of an incorrect type. If you do, there is a risk of deflagration. Dispose of used batteries according to statutory regulations.
WARNING Do not throw the battery into a hot oven or fire, or mechanically crush or cut the battery. Improper disposal can cause an explosion.
WARNING Do not leave the battery in an environment surrounded by extremely high temperatures. Extremely high temperature can result in deflagration or leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
WARNING Make sure that the battery is not subjected to an extremely low air pressure. Extremely low air pressure can result in deflagration or leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
  1. Before replacing the battery, check the condition of the spare battery.
    1. If the spare battery has been stored without charging for over 4 months, use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the terminals.
    2. If the voltage is below 11.5 V, do not take the battery into use unless you are sure that it is operational.
  2. Disconnect the negative (black) cable from the battery.
    WARNING Always disconnect the negative battery cable first. If the positive battery terminal contacts ground with the negative cable installed, the cables heat up and the battery can deflagrate, which could result in serious injury.
    Spring washer
    Flat washer
    NTC temperature resistor
  3. Disconnect the positive (red) cable from the battery.
  4. Remove the mounting clamp and the battery from the battery holder.
  5. Mount the new battery.
  6. Reconnect the positive (red) cable and then the negative (black) cable.

    The terminals in the 28 Ah battery require M6 connectors in the cables. If the battery cables have M5 connectors, replace them with the M6 connectors delivered with the spare battery.

  7. Reattach the mounting clamp.
  8. Check that the battery starts charging.