Viewing configuration data - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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You can use the configuration data for validating and debugging the configuration. The Debug console view in the Web UI displays data about the configuration uploaded to DMU801. You can see the DMU801 log, make sure that data is received from the sensors, and view possible errors.

For example, after uploading a new configuration file to DMU801, it may be useful to verify that the configuration is operational, observation data from the connected sensors is shown, and there are no errors in the configuration.

A Debug console view is also available in the DMU801 Configuration Tool.
  1. In the Web UI, go to Configuration > Debug console.
    The configuration log data is printed in the terminal window.
  2. To filter the data:
    • Select Filter level to sort the logs according to the defined categories.
    • Type the filter text in the Filter field.