ARG314 maintenance - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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To ensure accurate operation, keep the sensor clean. Clean the sensor at least every 6 months. When leaves are falling and there is a lot of debris in circulation, check the sensor more often.

To avoid erroneous measurements, avoid tipping the cup assembly when the gauge is connected to the weather station and the station is operating.

To ensure reliable and accurate measurements, Vaisala recommends you to carry out the following checks at each visit to the rain gauge.

  1. Inspect the funnel and filter for any damage or blockage.
  2. Remove any obstacles from the funnel, such as leaves, debris, dirt, and dust.
  3. Clean the filter by removing the end cap from the filter tube.
  4. Check that the gauge is still level.

    The gauge can become tilted as a result of small ground movements, such as frost, or vandalism.

  5. If the rain gauge is disconnected from the station or does not log data, check the balance arm of the bucket for stiffness.

    To perform the check, try to balance the bucket in its center position. If the bucket balances easily, examine the bucket closely for any dirt or wear on the pivot pin and bucket tubes.