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AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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Network time protocol NTP is used to set system clocks accurately to the current time. NTP makes sure that all observations have the correct timestamp.

Vaisala recommends that you use NTP if DMU801 is connected to the Internet. If Internet connectivity is not available, you can set the system time manually.

You need to configure the date and time settings if you want to use local time or other than the default NTP server.

  1. In the Web UI, go to Settings > Date and time.
  2. In Local time zone, select your local time zone or UTC time.

    if you select the local time zone, DMU801 calculates the UTC time from the time zone information.

    The time zone setting does not affect observation data, which is always recorded and stored in UTC time. However, certain wall‑clock based events, such as precipitation sum reset, can optionally use local time.

  3. In Set time and date, select Automatically using NTP. Give the address of the NTP server or servers that you want to use.

    This step is only needed if DMU801 is connected to the Internet.

  4. If DMU801 is not connected to the Internet, select Manually. Set the local date and time.
  5. To save the changes, select Save.
You are logged out of the Web UI. Logout does not happen if you select Automatically using NTP and the resulting time does not differ considerably from the current system time.