Application setup in Azure - Microsoft 365 - viewLinc 5.1

viewLinc OAuth 2.0 Authentication Technical Note

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viewLinc 5.1
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Technical note

Customers will need to do the following to set up their environment to work with the viewLinc OAuth2 implementation.

  1. Navigate to your Azure Active Directory.
  2. Under the Add drop-down, select App registration. Name the new application viewlinc-es.
    1. Select the supported account types associated with your organization. The default will be Single tenant.
      Do not add a Redirect URI.
    2. Click on Register to complete the registration.
  3. Once the application is created, create a Client secret as follows:
    1. Under Manage, select Certificates & secrets.
    2. Select New client secret and add a description.
      Your secret will have an expiry date. Set a reminder to renew your secret for when it expires. Once your secret expires viewLinc email notifications will stop working.
    3. Copy your Secret Value after you have created it.
      Your secret will only be visible right after you create it. You may want to save it to a notepad as you will need to enter it in viewLinc in the next procedure.
  4. Add API permissions as follows:
    1. Under Manage, select API permissions.
    2. Select Add a permission and select Microsoft Graph.
    3. Select Application permissions then search and add Mail.ReadWrite and Mail.Send.
      Write access is required to mark emails as read.
    4. Ensure you click on Grant admin consent, found next to Add a permission, for the selected permissions. Click Yes.