Configuring Email Settings in viewLinc - viewLinc 5.1

viewLinc OAuth 2.0 Authentication Technical Note

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viewLinc 5.1
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Technical note

Manage System

The service settings for viewLinc Enterprise Server are created in Azure for your Microsoft 365 account.

  1. In System Preferences select the Email Settings tab.
  2. in the Authentication type drop-down menu, select Microsoft 365.
  3. In the Sent from system email area, type a valid sent from address (email notifications from viewLinc are sent from this address, so the email address must exist within your company), then complete the following:
    Client ID
    Type the Client ID from your Azure app Overview page.
    Tenant ID
    Type the Tenant ID from your Azure app Overview page.
    Type the Secret you created in your Azure app Certificates & secrets page.
  4. Select Send Test Email to verify the test email is sent successfully.
  5. Select Save.