Performing RI calibration with Indigo520 - PR53 - PR53AC - PR53AP - PR53GC - PR53GP - PR53M - PR53SD - PR53W

PR53 Series User Guide

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  1. Go to Menu and select the refractometer.
  2. Select RI calibration > Calibrate.
    RI calibration can be done using either the touch screen or web interface. When calibration is being performed on one user interface, the other cannot be used at the same time.
  3. Read the instructions on the screen and select OK.
    From this point onwards, the process is semi-automated and you will guided through the process on the screen.
  4. Add a calibration point by pressing + and selecting the reference RI you want to calibrate against.
    • When calibrating, the refractometer waits for the temperature measurement to stabilize. This may take up to 4 minutes.
    • After nominal RI is selected, the refractometer calculates the correct reference RI at the measured temperature.
    Do not hold the refractometer or sample liquid container in your hand or near external heat sources during calibration. Changes in the refractometer or sample liquid temperature may decrease the measurement quality of the point or cause the calibration of the point to fail.
  5. Once temperature measurement has stabilized, the UI will request you to apply sample liquid onto the sample holder and place the light cover on top.
    The calibration process will happen automatically from this point on with the following steps:
    1. Detecting sample
    2. Waiting for the sample to stabilize
    3. Calibrating
  6. Once the calibration process is ready, results are displayed in the results screen.
    You can later view the results of a calibrated point by selecting a calibration point tile from the calibration view.
    You can now choose the following:
    • Close: Closes the summary screen and returns to calibration view
    • Recalibrate point: Calibrates the point again
    • Delete point: Removes the calibrated point.
  7. Repeat the process for other available points as needed.
  8. Finalize calibration by selecting Complete calibration. This will replace old calibration data with the new data.
    You can also do the following:
    • Optical image: View refractometer status, diagnostic values and both optical and slope image.
    • Cancel calibration: Quit the calibration process. Old calibration data is not replaced.

The result screen shows the difference between reference value and measured value, some diagnostic values, and the status of a single calibration point.