Performing RI calibration with Insight - PR53 - PR53AC - PR53AP - PR53GC - PR53GP - PR53M - PR53SD - PR53W

PR53 Series User Guide

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  1. Select the refractometer.
  2. Select > Calibrate.
  3. If you want to enter Calibration mode, select Yes.
    When in calibration mode, concentration calculation is paused and analog output 1 returns to error output level.
  4. Select the RI calibration menu.
  5. Apply sample liquid onto the sample holder and place the light cover on top.
    Do not hold the refractometer or sample liquid container in your hand or near external heat sources during calibration. Changes in the refractometer or sample liquid temperature may decrease the quality of the measurement point or cause it to fail.
  6. From the available points, starting with Measure, point 1, press Measure, point 1.

    Calibration of a point may take a few minutes. The calibration progress can be seen at the top half of the screen.

    Before calibration, the refractometer waits for the measurement to stabilize and then proceeds to calibrate.

  7. Select the used reference sample liquid for the available points, starting with Nominal RI, point 1.

    After nominal RI is selected, the refractometer calculates the correct reference RI at the measured temperature. It is not recommended to modify the reference RI value.

  8. View the calibration results below in the result block.
  9. Repeat the process for other available points as needed.

The result block shows the difference between reference value and measured value, some diagnostic values, and the status of a single calibration point.

Status of the available points, starting with Status, point 1, tells if the calibration was within specified accuracy limits.

If you need to recalibrate one or more of the calibration points,
  1. Select None for Nominal RI.
  2. Press Measure point for the selected point.
  3. Reselect the wanted Nominal RI for the selected point.