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PR53 Series User Guide

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Follow these instructions to replace the isolation valve for PR53SD Safe-Drive system.

Wear protective eyewear, gloves, safety helmet, and safety shoes during installation and maintenance work.
WARNING Follow local and state legislation and regulations on occupational safety.
WARNING If you have a wash system in place or are planning to install a wash system, make sure to familiarize yourself with safety regulations related to hot steam and water. For more details, see the related wash system user guide.
WARNING Process refractometers may be installed in processes that have hot, cold, caustic, or otherwise hazardous liquids. When installing or removing the refractometer from the process, use personal protective equipment (PPE) adequate for the process medium and according to the requirements of the installation site.
  • Isolation valve (Vaisala item 275267SP)
  • 17‑mm wrench
  • 27-mm wrench
Figure 1. PR53SD isolation valve spare part
  1. Familiarize yourself with the safety instructions of the installation site.
  2. Make sure the process line is depressurized and empty.
  3. Remove the refractometer from the process. See Removing PR53SD refractometer from retractor.
  4. Remove the protection caps from the bolts. Keep them for later use.
  5. Remove the retractor and old isolation valve. Loosen the bolts using a 17-mm wrench.
  6. Remove the valve handle with 27-mm wrench and keep it for later use.
  7. Install the handle into the new isolation valve. Tighten to 75 Nm using a 27-mm wrench.
  8. Install the new isolation valve with the retractor. Align the isolation valve and retractor with the welded connection. Make sure the isolation valve is closed as shown in the figure. Two persons are required for the installation. It is recommended that the valve handle is pointing upward.
    CAUTION If you are using the retrofit mounting kit, make sure the flange adapters and spacer stay in place when installing the new isolation valve.
  9. Cross-tighten the bolts to 27 Nm using a 17-mm wrench. Hold the equipment level while tightening.
    CAUTION Be careful not to over-tighten. Using the ball valve will become difficult if the connections are too tight.
  10. Install protection caps over the nuts. This prevents incorrect usage when the refractometer is retracted.
  11. Make sure all connections are properly tightened.
  12. Install the refractometer. See PR53SD Installation Guide (M212953EN).
  13. Recycle removed parts according to the recycling instructions in PR53 Series User Guide (M212898EN).