Adjusting output level for analog output 1 - PR53 - PR53AC - PR53AP - PR53GC - PR53GP - PR53M - PR53SD - PR53W

PR53 Series User Guide

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In test mode, you can test the current output level of the analog output with a multimeter, and adjust the output level (2-point adjustment) if necessary.

Always switch Test mode off after testing to return the analog outputs to normal operating mode. The analog output does not output measurement data when analog outputs are in test mode.

To test and adjust the current output level of the analog output:

  1. Connect a multimeter to the analog output wiring (connect in series to measure the current output).
  2. Go to > Calibrate > Yes.
  3. Enable the Test mode (switch to ON position).
    Selecting Disabled turns off the selected output.
  4. Enter a low output value in mA (for example, 5) in the Test output level field. The analog output starts to output current at this level.
  5. Check the multimeter reading and enter the measured value (for example, 4.95) in the Measured value, low point field.
  6. Enter a high mA value (for example, 19) in the Test output level field, check the multimeter reading, and enter the value of the multimeter reading to the Measured value, high point field if it differs from the test output value.
  7. Select Activate adjustment to save the correction to the output level.
  8. To verify that the current level of the output is now accurate, enter a new value (for example, 12) in the Test output level field and check that the multimeter reading matches the test output value you entered.
  9. Record the gain and offset values for later use: you can enter the gain and offset directly to achieve the same adjustment later.
  10. Disable the Test mode (switch to OFF position) and select Close to exit the calibration mode.
  11. Replace the original analog output wiring.