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DA10 Installation Guide

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DA10 requires foundations for the instrument and optional guy wires.

You must install the instrument so that it remains stable in all conditions. Fix the instrument to a platform of your choice using foundation bolts. The platform can be, for example, concrete or asphalt. Mounting screws and bolts are included in the delivery as well as a setting tool for the wedge bolts.

WARNING Incorrectly installed foundation presents a safety hazard. To ensure safety, follow these instructions, as well as local and state legislation and regulations during installation.
WARNING Follow local and state legislation and regulations on occupational safety.
CAUTION Always consult a local civil engineer about the foundation design and to find out about the soil and frost conditions in the area. When the soil is frost-susceptible, always use proper insulation.
CAUTION All design values mentioned in this manual are purely indicative. Vaisala does not take responsibility for their applicability to the area in question.
CAUTION Use a conduit to protect the cables from damage and moisture. Also traffic, standing water, ice, and any twist or stress will damage the cables.