Unpacking and lifting equipment - DA10

DA10 Installation Guide

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Wear protective eyewear, gloves, safety helmet, and safety shoes.

The unloading and unpacking of the packages require a minimum of 2 persons.

Depending on your order, the product delivery includes a minimum of 3 packages with the following contents.

Table 1. Package contents
Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
  • Radiation shield with interface unit and window blower
  • Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT534
  • Documentation
  • Accessories
Near-range measurement unit Far-range measurement unit
Figure 1. Package weight
  1. Read the packing list supplied with the delivery documents. Compare the packing list against the purchase order to make sure that the shipment is complete.
  2. Open the packages and compare the Product and Package Description paper supplied with the delivery with the package contents.
  3. Unpack the boxes one by one. Be careful when lifting and carrying the equipment. Lift by the lifting handles and locations indicated.
    CAUTION Avoid touching the measurement unit windows. Do not remove the protective sheet from the measurement unit window until the installation is ready.
    Measurement unit windows
    Do not remove the integral protective caps from the unused external connectors.
  4. In case of any discrepancies or damage, contact Vaisala without delay.
  5. Place the packing materials and covers back in the packages and store them for future transporting or shipping.