Installation overview - DA10

DA10 Installation Guide

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Before you start the installation, plan the installation steps.

WARNING Follow the risk assessments you have carried out for the installation work. To ensure safety, make sure that all work is organized and planned, and carried out by competent persons.
WARNING Always consult local authorities on decisions that relate to aviation safety, grounding, lightning protection, safe installation, and power supply. Follow local and state legislation and regulations.

DA10 installation includes the following steps:

  1. Preparing site, see:
  2. Making foundations for DA10 and, optionally for guy wires, see:
  3. Installing DA10
  4. Installing weather transmitter
  5. Installing guy wires (optional)
  6. Grounding
  7. Powering
  8. Activating device (if not done at factory) (separate instruction)
  9. Configuring connections (separate instruction)
DA10 delivery includes a data cable and a power cable.