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DA10 Installation Guide

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WARNING At the installation site, a connection to a solid earth ground is mandatory for adequate lightning and transient protection.
WARNING To minimize shock hazard, the instrument chassis and cabinet must be connected to an electrical ground. The instrument is equipped with a three-conductor AC power connector. The power cable must either be plugged into an approved three-contact electrical outlet or the instrument must be carefully grounded to a low-resistance safety ground.
WARNING Consult local electricity professionals for the local and state legislation and regulations about grounding.
WARNING Ground the product and verify outdoor installation grounding periodically. Failure to provide proper grounding can result in injury or death from electrical shock and can severely damage the equipment.
WARNING Lightning protection is required to prevent injury and damage to equipment due to direct lightning strikes and lightning-induced current surges.
CAUTION Make sure that the grounding wire is longer than the phase and neutral wires. Under mechanical stress, the grounding wire must be the last to disconnect from the protective ground terminal.

DA10 is designed as protection class I (safety grounded) electrical equipment. For safe use, you must connect the AC (mains) power supply cable to a grounded mains socket. The communication line signal ground is also internally connected to the device chassis/safety ground.

Grounding is required for the radiation shield and the measurement units.

  • The measurement unit grounding cables are connected during installation.

  • The grounding cable between the radiation shield and the interface unit has been installed at the factory. The grounding cable runs from the radiation shield to the grounding connector at the base of the mast. Verify during installation that the grounding cable is properly attached at both ends.

  • The customer is responsible for grounding the radiation shield. This includes supplying and installing the grounding cables and accessories from the grounding connector to the ground.

DA10 is equipped with a grounding connector at the bottom of the radiation shield for external grounding.

Figure 1. Grounding
Grounding cable to grounding connector (already connected)
Grounding connector
Grounding cable to ground
  1. Connect the grounding cable to the grounding connector on the pedestal.
  2. Tighten the fixing screw.
  3. Route the cable to ground.