Installing refractometer with flow cell - PR53 - PR53AC

PR53AC Installation Guide

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Plan the installation location carefully before installation. See Choosing the installation location.
  • Welding equipment
  • Flow cell
  • Ferrules (2 pcs)
  • Gaskets (2 pcs)
  • Clamps (2 pcs)
Follow these instructions to install the refractometer with a flow cell. Notice that the images in this instruction may differ from the flow cell you have for your process.
  1. Make sure the process line is depressurized.
  2. Weld ferrules into the process pipeline according to material and system requirements.
    Table 2. Flow cell installation dimension
    Flow cells 1" 1 ½" 2" 2 ½" 3" 4"
    A (mm [in]) 52.5 [2.0] 72.2 [2.8] 91.0 [3.5] 110.2 [4.3] 128.3 [5.0] 169.6 [6.6]
  3. Install gasket into the ferrule.
  4. Install flow cell using clamps.
    1. Finger tighten to 3 Nm if you are using the clamp with one tightening screw.
    2. Tighten to 28 Nm with 9/16" wrench if you are using the sanitary clamp with two tightening screws.
  5. Install gasket for the refractometer.
  6. Mount the refractometer. Make sure the cable glands on the refractometer are in a downward position.
    1. Finger tighten to 3 Nm if you are using the standard clamp (with one tightening screw).
    2. Tighten to 28 Nm with 9/16 inch wrench if you are using the high pressure clamp (with two tightening screws).
  7. Make sure the wash system connection on the flow cell is properly plugged to avoid leakage.
  8. Make sure the refractometer is firmly in place and that there is no excessive vibration. Support the piping if needed.