Calibration overview - INDIGO300

Indigo300 User Guide

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Figure 1. Insight calibration menu main view (humidity and temperature probe)

The range of available options (for example, environmental compensations and the number of adjustment points) varies depending on the features of the connected probe.

The menu examples presented here are examples of calibration options that are available when a humidity and temperature probe is connected to the transmitter.

CAUTION Before adjusting a probe's measurement, make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the probe-specific calibration requirements such as possible adjustment limits and environmental compensation interdependencies. See the user documentation of the probe for probe-specific information.

Starting calibration

To open the calibration menu, select to access Insight main menu. In the main menu, select Calibrate.
Figure 2. Insight Calibrate menu selection

Restoring factory adjustment

Before adjusting the probe measurement, you can remove any possible earlier adjustments with the Restore factory adjustment selection, if needed.

Figure 3. Insight Restore factory adjustment selection