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Figure 1. Insight Diagnostics view example with analog output test options
In addition to the analog output level test carried out when calibrating and adjusting the outputs (see Analog output adjustment), you can also test the analog output level with any chosen value in the Diagnostics view of Insight PC software. Note that the Diagnostics view is only used for testing the output: adjustments must be carried out in the calibration menu.
CAUTION Always switch off the transmitter power supply when connecting or disconnecting screw terminal wiring. Do not energize the transmitter power supply when wiring is not connected.
CAUTION Always switch the analog output test mode off after testing. Normal analog output is not available in the test output mode.
  1. Switch off the transmitter power supply and open the transmitter cover.
  2. Connect the multimeter wiring to the analog output (1–3) screw terminals and close the transmitter cover.
  3. Power on the transmitter and connect the transmitter to Insight PC software.
  4. In the Insight main view, expand the Devices selection on the left panel, select your device and then select the Diagnostics tab.
  5. In the Diagnostics tab, enter the analog output value you want to send as a test output in the Test output level field. Enter a test value for each analog output separately.
  6. After entering the test output values, select Save to start sending the entered value as test output.
  7. Wait for the output to stabilize and then check that the multimeter reading matches the entered test value.
  8. If the output appears to be incorrect, see Analog output adjustment for information on adjusting the output.
  9. When you finish testing, clear all values from the Test output level fields and select Save. This stops the test output mode and returns the output back to normal use.
  10. Switch off the power supply, remove the multimeter wiring and replace the analog output wiring.
  11. After completing the wiring, close the transmitter cover and switch on the power supply.