Selecting parameters and units shown on transmitter display - INDIGO300

Indigo300 User Guide

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If your transmitter model has a display, you can use the Indigo80 handheld indicator to select which measurement parameters from the probe connected to the transmitter are shown on the display. You can also change the units for these parameters.

The unit selection has an effect on entering configuration values (for example, whether you must enter analog output scale settings as ppm or % values).
  1. Connect the transmitter to the indicator.
  2. Open the indicator main menu by pressing .
  3. Select Devices. If you have more than one device connected to the indicator, make a further selection between the devices.

    In this case, select Indigo300.

  4. Select Settings.
  5. Select Displayed parameters.
  6. In Display parameter 1, 2, and/or 3, select the parameter you want.

    The selectable parameters depend on the probe.

  7. In Settings > Displayed units, select the unit you want to use for each parameter.
  8. Exit the menu by pressing or return to the main menu by pressing .

The selected parameters and units will appear on the transmitter display.

The measurement and graph views of Indigo80 are not affected.