Selecting parameters and units shown on Indigo80 display - INDIGO300

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Besides the transmitter display, you can view selected measurement parameters and units on the Indigo80 display. This way it is also possible to view measurement data from the probe connected to a non-display transmitter.

To select the parameters and units to be shown on the measurement and graph views of Indigo80:

  1. Connect the transmitter to the indicator.
  2. Press on the indicator keypad and select Home in the main menu.
    By selecting Help in the main menu, you can take a tour about editing the measurement views of Indigo80.
  3. Press to open the shortcut menu for editing the measurement views of Indigo80.
  4. Choose Add view or Edit view.
    • Select Add view to create new measurement views based on templates.
    • Select Edit view to add new parameters into an existing view (space allowing), or to delete parameters from a view.
  5. To change units for the measurement parameters you selected in the previous step, press and select Indigo80 > Units > Units per parameter.

For more detailed information on the Indigo80 measurement and graph views, see Indigo80 User Guide (M212722EN).