Insight PC software overview - INDIGO200 - INDIGO201 - INDIGO300

Indigo300 User Guide

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Figure 1. Insight software main menu view with transmitter and connected probe
Select to access Insight main menu.
  • Configure device: display and graph options, output and relay settings (if applicable), parameter and unit selection, environmental compensation settings, filtering factor, probe options, and general settings.
  • Export settings: creates a text file export of the device settings.
  • Calibrate: options for calibrating and adjusting the measurement of the connected probe, adjusting outputs, viewing adjustment data, and restoring factory adjustments.
  • Various reset, factory default settings, and restart options for transmitter and probe.
  • About device: general device information such as serial number and software version.
Select Settings to switch between the Basic mode and Advanced mode user modes, change the units of parameters (metric/non-metric), enter a factory code to access restricted functionalities, or view information about the Insight software.
Monitoring provides options for monitoring and recording selected parameters, and exporting the monitoring data as a CSV (comma-separated values) file.
Device information menu with the following tabs:
  • Measurements: measurement graph view with parameter drop-down selection.
  • Calibration information: read-only information about the latest stored calibration.
  • Diagnostics: troubleshooting and administrative information about the device status. Also includes options for exporting the device error log and other diagnostics information as files (CSV/ZIP). When contacting Vaisala support, it is recommended to include an up-to-date export of the error log with the support request.