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This example describes the analog output overrange behavior when an output uses a range of 0–5 V, scaled to 0–200 000 ppm (= 0–20 %) CO2. The error output level is set to 6 V, clipping limit is set to 5 % overrange, and error limit is set to 10 % overrange. CO2 concentrations (ppm) are indicated for the clipping point and error limit point.
Figure 1. Analog output overrange behavior example
  • When the measured CO2 rises above 20 %, the output rises above 5 V.
  • The output keeps rising until the measurement is 21 %CO2, at which point the probe outputs 5.25 V.
  • If the CO2 level rises above 21 %CO2, the output still remains at 5.25 V.
  • If the CO2 level rises above 22 %CO2, the output enters the error state, which is 6 V for the 0–5 V output.