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Table 1. Indigo transmitter messages shown on display

The following table lists the display messages that the transmitter uses to inform you about its state.

In addition to the transmitter's messages, the connected probes have probe-specific messages that are also shown on the transmitter display. Messages from the connected probe start with Probe:. For more information on the probe-specific messages, see the probe's documentation.

The non-display version of the transmitter uses an LED status indicator to inform you that a display message is active. To view the message, connect the transmitter to the Insight PC software or Indigo80 handheld indicator.

Display message Description Recommended action
Supply voltage out of range. The supply voltage is below the minimum (range: 15–30 V DC or 24 V AC ±10 % 50/60 Hz). The error clears when the supply voltage returns to the specified range. Check your power supply and restart the transmitter if needed.
Analog output out of range. The analog output (1–3) identified in the message has gone out of range. The error clears when the output returns to range. Check the analog output configuration.
Outputs configured for different probe. An analog output configuration for another type of probe already exists in the transmitter, so the settings cannot be received automatically from the type of probe you are connecting. Configure the analog output settings for the new probe, or clear the analog output configuration of the transmitter to enable automatic receiving of the settings.
No probe connected. The measurement probe is not connected, or the probe is connected poorly and cannot be recognized by the transmitter. Check that you have fastened the probe correctly with the locking wheel.
Unable to measure all parameters. Some of the measurements you have configured to be displayed are currently not available. This can be caused, for example, by the probe heating feature: parameters that are affected by heating cannot be shown while the heating cycle is ongoing. -
Analog output test active. Test output is being sent from the analog output (1–3) identified in the message. -
Analog output calibration in progress. The analog output (1–3) identified in the message is being calibrated. -

Probe connected:

The transmitter displays the name of the connected probe. -
Waiting for measurements. The connected probe is preparing measurements (for example, at start-up or after a probe restart). -
Date and time not set. The transmitter has lost its date and time settings. This can occur, for example, if the transmitter is powered off for a long time.

Connect the transmitter to the Insight PC software or the Indigo80 handheld indicator for automatic date and time setup.