Analog output configuration example - INDIGO300

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This example shows how to use Insight to configure analog output 1 of the transmitter to use the following settings when a humidity and temperature probe is connected to the transmitter:

  • 4 ... 20 mA current output
  • Relative humidity measurement scaled to 0–100 %RH
  • Clipping limit 0 %, error limit 5 %, and error output 3.6 mA
  1. Connect the transmitter to the Insight software.
  2. Select and open the Configure device menu.
  3. Open the General menu and select Current output from the dropdown. Store your selection with Save.
  4. Return to the Configure device menu and select one of the 3 analog outputs.
  5. Select 4 ... 20 mA from the Output mode dropdown.
  6. Select RH from the Output parameter dropdown.
  7. Type 0 in the Scale low end field.
  8. Type 100 in the Scale high end field.
  9. Type 3.6 in the Error output level field.
  10. Type 0 in the Clipping limit field and 5 in the Error limit field.
  11. Select Save to take your configuration into use.