2. Installing device - TempCast

Vaisala TempCast Setup and Replacement Guide

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1. Select the installation height.

The recommended installation height is 2 ... 5 m (6 ft ... 16 ft).

Low installation height is more representative of the temperature and relative humidity near the road surface.

For the surface temperature measurement, select the installation height so that you can aim the sensor at the desired measurement point (max. tilt angle 60°).

A large tilt angle may extend the surface temperature measurement area outside the desired measurement point.

2. Fasten the mounting bracket. Cut off excess steel band or place it neatly into the bracket.

If you are installing TempCast on diagonal or horizontal structures, use the TempCast mounting adapter. See the separate Installation Note for the instructions.

3. Use the locking key to lift and secure the device to the bracket. Remove the locking key.

For the mounting adapter instructions, see TempCast Mounting Adapter Installation Note (M212913EN) at docs.vaisala.com.