Setting up device - TempCast

Vaisala TempCast Setup and Replacement Guide

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To set up the device:

  1. Activate the device at the installation location using the Vaisala Castâ„¢ Connect mobile application.
  2. Install the device at the selected location.
  3. Align the surface temperature sensor (only for FMP103).


Included in the product
  • Vaisala TempCast sensor FMP102 or FMP103
  • Mounting bracket with steel bands
  • Locking key
  • Aiming tool
Optionally included in the product
  • TempCast mounting adapter
Other needed equipment
  • iPhone or Android phone with NFC and Bluetooth
  • 7-mm socket wrench or flat head screwdriver
  • Tin snips (for cutting steel band)
  • Aerial work platform or other suitable equipment (for installing device at selected installation height)
  • Protective clothing (PPE)
  • Road safety equipment

Vaisala Cast Connect

Download Vaisala Cast Connect mobile application from Google Play or the App Store.