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You can clean the Indigo transmitter body by wiping it with a moist cloth. Standard cleaning agents can be used.

Refer to the probe-specific cleaning instructions when cleaning the probe connected to Indigo. Do not spray anything directly on the probe connected to Indigo, since that may deposit impurities on the sensor.

Chemical tolerance

The following chemicals can be used to clean Indigo:
  • H2O2 (6000 ppm), non-condensing
  • Alcohol-based cleaning agents such as ethanol and IPA (70 % Isopropyl Alcohol, 30 % water)
  • Ca(Clo)2 (calcium hypochlorite) max. 0.5 %
  • QAC (quaternary ammonium cations) max. 0.5 %
Avoid exposing the transmitter to chemicals for unnecessarily long periods of time. Do not immerse it in a chemical, and wipe chemicals off the surfaces after cleaning.