Attaching probes and cables - INDIGO201 - INDIGO200SERIES

Indigo201 User Guide

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Figure 1. Attaching probes and cables to Indigo200
Probes are locked in place with the locking wheel. Never turn from the probe body.
Connect probe cables in the same way as probes: insert the cable in the connector and hold in place while turning the locking wheel.
Insert probes into the probe connector with the orientation mark facing out.
  1. Insert the probe into the probe connector with the orientation mark on the probe body facing out.
  2. Hold the probe in the probe connector and lock it in place by turning the locking wheel counterclockwise. Do not turn the probe body when attaching, only the locking wheel on the transmitter.
  3. If no previous configuration exists (that is, this is the first time a probe is connected to Indigo, and no configuration has been set manually), Indigo adapts the analog output settings of the connected Vaisala Indigo-compatible probe automatically.
    If a configuration that differs from the attached probe's configuration exists in the transmitter, you must configure the new probe manually to enable analog output. See Analog output configuration overview.