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Indigo201 User Guide

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Problem Possible Cause Remedy
USB connection to Insight PC software cannot be established USB connection has been disabled with the DIP switch on the transmitter component board. See the instructions in Disabling and enabling USB functionality with DIP switch.
Functionalities are not available in Insight PC software. Insight PC software is in Basic Mode. Certain functionalities are only available in Advanced Mode. Change the user mode from Basic Mode to Advanced Mode in the Insight PC software main view Settings menu. See Insight PC software overview-
Measurement performance affected after calibration. Probe has not been switched from calibration mode to normal operating mode. Open the calibration menu in Insight PC software (Configure Device > Calibrate). Exit the calibration menu with the Close selection, and ensure that you confirm closing the calibration mode when exiting with the Yes selection.
Analog output appears incorrect. The analog output channel Adjustment mode has not been switched off after adjustment. Open the analog output adjustment menu in Insight PC software and switch the adjustment mode off. See Analog output configuration overview. Note that each of the 3 analog outputs has its own configuration menu.