Receiving analog output settings from probe - INDIGO201 - INDIGO200SERIES

Indigo201 User Guide

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When you take Indigo201 in use for the first time and have not entered an analog output configuration, the transmitter automatically adapts the analog output configuration of the first Vaisala Indigo-compatible probe you connect.

If an analog output configuration already exists in Indigo201 (that is, you have previously connected a probe or configured the settings), you need to set the analog output configuration of the new probe manually. Analog output from the transmitter is halted and does not resume until you have set the new probe's configuration.

Alternatively, you can clear the analog output settings in Indigo201 configuration. This returns the transmitter to a state where it automatically starts using the analog output configuration of the next connected probe. For instructions, see Clearing transmitter analog output configuration.