About particle counter units - viewLinc 5.1

Climet CI-3100 Modbus viewLinc system Integration Guide

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viewLinc 5.1
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Technical note

Default (Counts per Cubic Foot)

The standard configuration for the particle counter is Counts per Cubic Foot. The instrument draws 1 cubic foot of air every minute, so the total particles counted in 1 minute is the same as counts per cubic foot. The instrument will respond quickly to changes in particles, since the sample interval is only 1 minute long.

Metric conversion (Counts per Cubic Meter)

The internal pump cannot draw 1 cubic meter of air every minute. Due to this limitation the output value of Counts per Cubic Meter cannot be used. The recommended approach to metric output is to perform a unit conversion in viewLinc.

The converted metric resolution is 35 counts per cubic meter. Data will be a rolling sum of counts over a 1-minute window, just like the Counts per Cubic Foot.

1 Cubic Meter Resolution

It is possible to get 1 count per cubic meter resolution from this particle counter, but the sample integration window required is 35 minutes long. This results in poor time resolution of events and suppression of particle emission events. Exact timing of particle emission events cannot be resolved because each data point represents a rolling sum of counts over a 35-minute window. The window is also too large that short duration particle emission events could go undetected.

It is recommended to not use the cubic meter output settings on this particle counter.