Factors and considerations - viewLinc 5.1

Climet CI-3100 Modbus viewLinc system Integration Guide

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viewLinc 5.1
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Technical note
Standard integration includes the configuration of three Modbus TCP device channels in viewLinc.
  • 0.5um particle count (counts per cubic foot or metric conversion)
  • 5.0um particle count (counts per cubic foot or metric conversion)
  • Pump Air Flow (%)

If you have a different instrument configuration, refer to the manufacturer’s manual that lists other modes of operation.

Hardware setup and configuration

The particle counter is a benchtop design. You will need a wall shelf or space to mount the particle counter. For applications involving enclosures, chambers, and cabinets, a remote sample inlet kit will be required. Tubing and sample inlets should be sourced from the particle counter manufacturer. Using the wrong type of tubing will result in significant particle loss.

Network addressing and TCP ports

The particle counter must be configured to have a single static IP address. This can be configured by setting a static IP address on the particle counter or DHCP address reservation.

Hardware configuration and status monitoring is done using a standard web browser over TCP port 80. The particle counter will also need to communicate with the viewLinc server over TCP port 502. Both ports need to be open bidirectionally on all network equipment between the particle counter and the viewLinc server.

Data sample interval

Modbus polling is initiated by viewLinc server at 1-minute intervals. This value is fixed in viewLinc.

Time stamping

Data timestamp records come from the viewLinc server timeclock, not the internal timeclock of the particle counter.

Particle count data registers

There are several Modbus registers that contain particle count data. We recommend that the Rolling Count registers be used. Rolling Count data registers contain the total particle counts for the last 60 seconds. The data aligns with the viewLinc timestamp, each data point recorded represents the total count for the previous 1 cubic foot of air passing through the particle counter.

Data buffering

There is no data logging or data buffering at point of measurement in this system integration. viewLinc will make several attempts to connect with the particle counter. If the device is not reachable or communication is lost, viewLinc will not record a data point for that minute.