DSC dry calibration - BWS500

BWS500 Maintenance Guide

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DSC has been calibrated at the factory, but those values do not represent the actual properties of the road surface at the installation site. A dry calibration is needed after installation and asphalting.

The sensor measures road surface on 3 different optical wavelengths. The raw measurements of these signals depend on the sensor unit, installation, and characteristics of the road surface. For road state analysis to work properly, all these signals must be on the same level when the road surface is dry. Dry calibration sets these signal values to the same level.

After mounting the sensor and powering up, let the sensor adjust at least 5 minutes before starting the dry calibration. During that time, do not make any adjustments or change the sensor settings.

The road surface must be totally dry for several hours before you start dry calibration. Calibrating the sensor against other than completely dry road surface causes incorrect observations.
Make sure that nothing obstructs the sensor view to the road surface. Flowing traffic does not interfere with the calibration, but stationary vehicles do.