Overview of maintenance - BWS500

BWS500 Maintenance Guide

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In general, BWS500 needs very little maintenance.

The stations connected to Vaisala cloud are monitored through the remote monitoring service. If something is not working as expected, remote diagnostics analyze the issue. If a station needs local maintenance, Vaisala contacts you to visit the station and perform simple checks.

If the station is not connected to the remote monitoring service, monitor the station status through the maintenance web user interface, Web UI, or the status information sent by the station. For instructions on how to connect to the Web UI, see one of the following:

For the status information sent by the station, see BWS500 PODS‑MQTT Interface Description (M212952EN).

Table 1. BWS500 maintenance
Task Frequency
Mast maintenance See the mast documentation
Support arm maintenance During site visits
Sensor maintenance Depends on the sensor
Check the solar panel condition Twice a year
Clean the solar panel As needed
Replace the PSU501 battery Every 3 years (or more often, if needed)