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BWS500 Maintenance Guide

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Figure 1. Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500

Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500 is a compact weather station for cities, road authorities, and industrial zones. With the flexible and scalable Beam station, communities can assess road conditions, air pollution, and other environmental challenges. The weather, environmental, and road state observations can be used to fit various and specific needs.

BWS500 provides the required hardware and software for obtaining your weather data. In BWS500, you can choose for aggregated data (observations) or measurements directly from the sensors or both to be sent to your data collection system. Alternatively, you can view selected data through the Vaisala cloud services.

BWS500 is suitable for a variety of applications, including traffic management, urban flooding monitoring, and heat island tracking. It can be scaled to support both small and large-scale weather observation networks.

The sensor selection of BWS500 includes the following sensors:

  • Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT560
  • Vaisala Remote Road Surface State Sensor DSC211
  • Vaisala Remote Road Surface Temperature Sensor DST111
  • Vaisala Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252
  • Geolux Snow Level Sensor LX‑80S
  • Vega Water Level Radar Sensor VEGAPULS C 23
  • Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

WXT530 series sensors measure 6 different weather parameters. AQT560 provides measurement data of the most important urban pollutant gases and particles, and GMP252 measures carbon dioxide concentration up to 10 000 ppm CO2.

DSC211 measures road surface state, layer thickness, and grip. DST111 measures road surface temperature, air temperature, dew point temperature, and relative humidity​.

VEGAPULS C 23 measures water level and LX‑80S snow depth.

You can select multiple sensors for your weather station. Note that there may be certain limitations in sensor combination due to power demands. Contact Vaisala to discuss your requirements.