Indigo80 handheld indicator - DMP80

DMP80 Series Quick Guide

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Figure 1. Indigo80 handheld indicator

Vaisala Indigo80 Handheld Indicator is a portable diagnostics tool that accommodates up to two Vaisala Indigo-compatible probes or transmitters for measuring a wide range of parameters.

With the indicator, you can:

  • See real-time measurements and device and status information
  • Log measurement data
  • Update probe calibration information
  • Configure probe features and settings such as condensation prevention, compensation setpoints, sensor purge, and filtering factor. The available features and settings depend on the probe model and firmware version.
Accessing certain configuration options for your probe requires using the free Insight PC software, downloadable at

The help tours in the indicator's user interface guide you through the key features of the indicator. You can access the tours in the Help menu by pressing the button.