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DMP80 Series Quick Guide

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The DMP80A probe model contains the DRYCAP® 180S sensor, making the probe optimal for dew point measurements in humid applications. The DMP80B probe uses the DRYCAP 180M sensor, which has been optimized for measurements in dry environments.

Table 1. DMP80A and DMP80B temperature ranges
Property DMP80A DMP80B
Dew point temperature measurement range −40 … +60 °C (−40 … +140 °F) Td/f −70 … +60 °C (−76 … +140 °F) Td/f
Temperature measurement range 0 … +60 °C (+32 … +140 °F)
Operating temperature range −10 … +60 °C (+14 … +140 °F)
Figure 1. Dimensions of DMP80 series probes with G1/2" thread, side and bottom view. The identifying letter of each probe model is included in the configuration code of the probe, shown on the side of the device. Example codes: AG1A0AS0 for a DMP80A probe, and BG1A0AS0 for a DMP80B probe.
Figure 2. Dimensions of DMP80 series probes with NPT1/2" thread, side and bottom view
For the full technical specification, see DMP80 Series Datasheet (B212640EN), available at