Attaching cable to probe - DMP80

DMP80 Series Quick Guide

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  • Probe connection cable (Vaisala item code 272075SP)

The handle of DMP80 probes has a detachable end piece that protects the probe's cable connector from mechanical stress, such as physical shocks.

To detach the end piece of the handle and expose the cable connector:

  1. Hold the probe firmly in your hands.
  2. Grip the end piece of the handle and twist it counterclockwise to detach it.
  3. Pull out the end piece.
  4. You can now attach a probe connection cable in the DMP80 probe's cable connector.
    Before attaching the cable, make sure to insert the cable through the end piece first.
  5. Position the end piece against the probe and twist it clockwise to secure it into place.
The probe is delivered with a yellow cap protecting the filter. Leave the protection cap on during storage, but remove it before taking the probe into use.