Connecting cables and powering up - BWS500

BWS500 Setup Guide

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Tie cables to the mast with cable ties.
Connecting the power cable to EGW501 automatically switches on the station if power is available from battery or other power source.
If the battery is fully discharged, you have to wait until the battery reaches a sufficient state of charge to power up the station.
  • If AC (mains) power is connected, the charging can take up to 30 minutes.
  • If DC power is connected, the waiting time may be longer.
Table 1. Powering specifications
Property Value
EGW501 operating voltage

9 … 32 V DC

2 A

PSU501 input power

100 … 240 V AC

50 … 60 Hz

800 mA

  1. Connect the sensors to EGW501.
    CAUTION Sensor cables are not interchangeable. Incorrect cable can cause damage and prevent or limit operation.
  2. Connect power source to PSU501.
    • AC (mains) power to AC in
    • DC power to DC in

    If both AC (mains) and DC power source are connected, PSU501 provides DC power to the BWS500 station when AC (mains) power is not available.

    For AC (mains) connection, you must prepare the AC connector before connecting cables. For instructions, see document Preparing AC (mains) power connector (provided with the connector).
  3. Connect PSU501 to EGW501.