Setting up tripod mast - BWS500

BWS500 Setup Guide

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Vaisala Tripod Mast DKT504 is a portable mast with adjustable legs and telescopic mast. The tripod can be easily collapsed to fit in a case for transportation.
  • Mounting brackets for EGW501, PSU501, and solar panel attached
  • Screws, washers
  • 5‑mm Allen key
  • Ground pegs
  • Hammer
  1. Orient the leg with solar panel brackets towards the midday sun and open the tripod legs.
  2. Adjust the legs to level the tripod. Tighten the screws with fingers.
  3. Use the bubble level on the locking ring to check leveling.
  4. To keep the tripod in place and to ensure safety during heavy wind, secure the legs with ground pegs. Insert the ground pegs through the holes in the legs and use a hammer to pound the ground pegs in.