Registering BWS500 in Vaisala Xweather Observe - BWS500

BWS500 Setup Guide

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Before you can view the data in Vaisala Xweather Observe, you must add BWS500 to your Xweather Observe account. For registration, you need the following:

  • Credentials to your Vaisala Xweather Observe account (see the email sent to you when ordering BWS500)
  • EGW501 serial number (see the EGW501 type label)
  • Installation location

You can perform the registration before or after the installation.

  1. Log in to your Xweather Observe admin account at
  2. Select to connect your device, and then add it as a new device.
  3. Set the following for the new device:
    • Device model: Connected Compact BWS
    • EGW501 serial number
    • BWS500 latitude, longitude, and altitude from the mean sea level
  4. After adding the new device, you can see its status, observations, and measurements in Xweather Observe.